A luxurious Eco Resort
surrounded by pristine nature

Designed within Skadar Lake National Park in Montenegro by one of France's greatest architects, François Leclercq, like an autonomous village set on rolling hills beside a lake, this Eco Resort less than 2 hours from most capital cities in Europe offers a unique opportunity to escape and commune directly with nature.

Arriving at the marina over the lake, visitors can already catch a glimpse of the hotel lobby and suites which are sprinkled along the estate. Dock your boat and head to your private villa with its own pool, nestled discreetly into the shoreline or the hillside, with a view of the lake and its surroundings. For a moment of utter relaxation, take advantage of the many natural treatments at the Eco Spa .Titillate your tastebuds with the refined cuisine of the panoramic restaurant, set high up on the peninsula.

And if you have explored all the estate has to offer, you can take advantage of the many nearby activities : hikes and boat excursions, kayaking on the lake, agro-tourism, cultural visits, bird watching, and much more.

  •   A    Lobby, restaurant, pool
  •   B    Hotel villas 80m2
  •   C    Hotel villas Marina 80m2 et 100m2
  •   D    Hotel villas 130m2
  •   E    Hotel villas 300m2
  •   F    Private villas 520m2
  •   G    Eco-spa
  •   H    Panoramic restaurant
  • I    Parking lot and heliport
  •   J    Tennis courts
  •   K    Heliport